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If you have a rain barrel, you will most likely be able to water a small garden all summer without ever turning on a tap. 

My garden measures 6x20feet in growing space. I have a large rubbermaid rain barrel that collects rain water from the roof of my house. I use this rain water to water all my trees in the spring and fall, to mix with fertilizer for the same trees and to water my garden. 

Of course, my garden also benefits from "free" water when it rains, but having stored water can make all your water needs free. 
I have been gardening at this home with a rain barrel for 7 years and I only had one year where the barrel went dry. 

In addition to the rain barrel - I keep watering cans in my garden so I can give ailing plants a quick drink. I use these mostly on my blueberries.

You can see the three watering cans I keep in my garden. Now, as luck would have it, all three of these cans arrived in my yard by the wind. 

All sorts of junk flies around in the wind, but these were useful junk! That being said, they have a tendency to take off in the wind so I keep them at home and upright (so they can collect water) by connecting them with a large stick.

Water barrels for water collection
Watering cans connected with large stick
As a bonus - you can use the stick to carry the full watering cans all at the same time!

When the stick eventually drys and cracks - it's can be used to dib holes, mark distance, stake vegetables, or head to the fire.

Collecting and storing water is a good practice for many reasons. #1 - you are not dependent on utilities to water your plants #2 - you get a feel for how much water regularly accumulates in case you needed it for drinking/cleaning
#3 Rain water contains no added salts and chemicals from water treatment (no chlorine, fluoride, or water softener salts!) #4 It's free. Gardening should be a positive to your financial situation and your health!


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