Does blogging have to make you fat?

I'm sure you've seen labels like "twitter butt" and "blogging rear" to describe what happens to your body when you engage in social media (including blogging) on a regular basis.

The truth is, sitting makes you fat. Sitting also makes you unhealthy and that's more important.

But we're all going to use social media or surf the web, so how do we prevent blogger butt?

1. Get up and take breaks from the screen. This is good for your eyes and your body.

2. Exercise away from your desk OR at your desk.

3. Make good food choices and make sure to eat regular meals so you don't end up binging on convenience foods.

4. Use a fitness ball for a chair. This works your core and keeps you from getting "slouch comfy" so you don't sit for an extremely long period of time.

5. Make it a point to still live IRL (in the real world!) and get away from the screen as often as possible.


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