An Updated Greenhouse! #organic #gardening #offthegrid #diy

I started a greenhouse for the first time in 2015 - for the sole purpose of growing seedlings without electricity in zone 4 - an attempt at self-sufficiency.

You can peruse through that saga in the following articles:
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Long story short, our original solar greenhouse (which worked great by the way!) was blown to shreds by the wind and we went through a few stages of DIY greenhousery and with pressure from nosy neighbors buckled down and purchased this new greenhouse from Amazon (just under $30 with free shipping.)

I will keep the items I used to make the DIY greenhouse in case of a true grid down situation because I know it works (ugly or not!) and in that case, I would have two greenhouses - or I could combine them for a double walled greenhouse for growing during the winter season.


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