2015 Garden Part 4 - The Tomatoes Move Outside!

2015 Garden Part 4

Things change quickly as spring progresses. This week, I moved 10 of the indoor tomatoes out into the garden greenhouse. I had hopes to grow them inside until they were big enough to transplant but since I have over 19 tomatoes and space for just 12, I thought I'd do some experimenting.
growing tomatoes indoors from seeds
Here they are before the move

I transplanted 10 of them into peat pots and set them in the greenhouse. 9 remain indoors.
Week by week growing tomatoes from seeds
Here they are after the move - transplanted into peat pots and put in the greenhouse

I potted them deeper into the peat pots and then hilled up dirt around the stems of those that were left. Some of the tomatoes had true leaves, some did not.
Week by week growing tomatoes from seeds
After transplanting

I booted the rhubarb and leeks from the greenhouse to make room for the new tomatoes. They should be hardy enough to make it outside on their own and I will soon dib holes for the leeks. I will wait until the rhubarb has at least 4 or 5 true leaves before I set them out. They are going in the forest garden and that is a dangerous (hungry animals) and shady place. So I am giving them a bit more time to develop.

Outside: 4 Rutgers tomatoes are growing wonderfully in the greenhouse and the cucumbers have started to pop from the soil. I dug around and saw evidence of butternut squash germination....but so far none of the melons or squash are above the soil line.

The pansies and coreopsis are finally germinated and sticking out of the soil. They took over 2 weeks! The packaging says 2-3 weeks, but wow! I am using these in containers around the house.

I moved one of the sunflower seedlings to replace the one that was eaten, and the next day it was eaten. There are 7 sunflowers outside - all near each other -yet this one location keeps being eaten. Sheesh.

I removed the herb milk carton from the greenhouse and transplanted them to the herb planters in my porch. The basil will probably suffer, and I will replant it and new cold tender herbs in the rest of the planters in mid May.
DIY herb garden easy
Purslane, Sage, Lemon Balm, Thyme, and Basil + 3 empties to be filled later....

In the garden: buckwheat is growing in the rows, garlic chives have finally shown themselves, radishes are up and a few beets are sticking out of the ground. The bokchoy and sunflowers are still growing slowly but surely. The grocery store onions are still alive and well - growing? Maybe not, but not dying either. No sign of peas or fava beans...

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