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2015 Garden Part 3

As of 4/14/2015 - everything has been planted or at least started as a seed in the greenhouse.

Here is an update on growth:

Buds have broken open on the Blueberries. The heritage and black raspberries are showing a few small leaves. No asparagus yet. No potatoes are showing through the dirt yet.

The Egyptian walking onions have been up for a few days:

All of the Bok Choy seedlings survived and have started to grow and make true leaves.

The Sunflowers have put on true leaves and have doubled in size. "Somebody" ate one of the seedlings, but all the rest are still growing strong. We have a lot of "somebodies" in the forest behind our home so it was expected at some point.
2 Sunflower seedlings. One will be removed once they are larger to replace the eaten seedling. Look at my amazing clay soil!!
These containers hold (from top left to bottom clockwise): Amaranth, Buckwheat, Victoria Rhubarb, American Flag Leeks:

Flax has also germinated. I am going to use this for the seeds and the stems as "straw"  mulch.

Golden Flax - looking very unexciting and like every other cotyledon seedling.
I am growing onions from my pantry. They started to sprout so they went in the garden!
3 yellow grocery store onions. Will they grow and make onions??
The herb bin is full of little seedlings for each herb! It took the lemon balm forever to germinate! The garlic chives have finally shown their face! The ground cherries have germinated and the Rutgers tomatoes are growing well so far in the greenhouse. Still no germination from the melons, squash, cucumbers, purslane, or peppers.

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