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This year I am starting all my own seedlings! I have already transplanted sunflowers and bok choy into the garden. I have marketmore cucumbers, golden midget watermelon, butternut squash, yellow crookneck squash, ground cherries, Minnesota midget canteloupe, California wonder and king of the north bell peppers, and tomatoes out in the greenhouse.

My greenhouse is a modified cold frame/mini greenhouse contraption. It doesn't keep things extra warm and may or may not be adequate for the job. So to be sure... I planted a few tomatoes indoors.

So far I have 19 tomatoes growing. These tomatoes were started on a paper towel in the dark.
11 days from seed in paper towel until today - 5 days off of the towel

I have Coyote, Mr. Stripey, Brandywine, Rutgers, Siberian, and MoneyMaker.

The paper towel method works great. All of the seeds that I transplanted to dirt (called "pricking out" I think) took and are alive and well.

I planted more of the germinated seeds into the garden greenhouse yesterday. I will update on their progress as they begin to grow.

Not all of my seeds germinated. I got all of these seeds from random places on the internet. Scary, right? They might all turn out to be corn... Well, some of them had almost 100% germination and others had zero (polish paste.)

The problem is I only have room for 12 tomatoes.... I planted extra "just in case" and now I have 19 in the house and at least 10 outside. The greenhouse tomatoes may not make it, but then again they might.

If they do, I would plant some randomly somewhere and will probably give the others away. Here's hoping they all work out because that would mean you can start tomatoes in an unheated outdoor greenhouse in zone 4 and have them make it! And of course melons, cucumbers, and squash too.


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