Can you grow Green Beans on an indoor windowsill?

So the question of the day is: Can you grow green beans inside on a windowsill?

I'm about to ruin the entire blog post by giving you the answer. It's yes, and they WILL make beans.

Growing plants indoors and eating from them
Green Beans growing in a windowsill in early March - check out my cut and come again lettuce next door. 
So why would someone even attempt this? I wouldn't have, but my daughter's third grade class was experimenting with sowing seeds. They grew them in the dark in a recycled school milk container (with no drainage!) Then they brought them home.

She handed me 2 bean plants, barely rooted in the soil, and asked me to keep them alive. Oh blob. It was late February and we had just finally reached 10 hours of daylight. Did I mention the plants were barely even rooted in the soil. I mean, the seed pods were all above ground for Pete's sake!

I should also note that we have low E argon coated windows that block 90% of the sun's glorious plant growing radiation. Growing things inside my home is a constant battle. This did not seem promising.

So I stuck them in the window and they were the best growing plant I had. Figures...

Eventually, I had to repot them so I upgraded their sorry milk carton for a bigger sorry soda bottle - this time with drainage. (I firmly believe all plants should live in recycled containers - just check out my entirely recycled greenhouse.)

And they just kept growing. I thought surely they would wait until mid June when any respectably planted bean would start to flower, but no, they wanted to challenge all of my gardening assumptions.

They put out flowers and without a bee in site, they pollinated themselves (beans do that almost all the time, that's why you can always save their seeds and "almost" never worry that you will get some creepy marriage of different varieties.)

Then they started producing beans. With crappy sunlight, minimal heat (we keep our home at a balmy 65F all winter/spring/fall.) no fertilizer, and none of the goodness of being outside, they flourished. And made beans.

It is now March 21st and the beans are still growing. They are putting out more flowers and the plant has enlarged. The roots are visible through the plastic container and it appears it may be on it's way to "root bound" soon. Of course, this plant has challenged all of my assumptions, so who knows.

As it has grown larger, some of the leaves inevitably end up touching the window and have been freezer burned. Such is the life in a winter window I guess.

Soon, we will pick the 5 beans and eat them - woo! And at the rate it's going, we may be picking many more.

If the plant is still around by the end of May, I will transplant it into the garden and have hopes that it will still thrive. I will update in June/July.


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