The Benefits of Alcohol Rehabilitation

Drinking certain types of alcohol in moderation can be beneficial for your health, but when you over indulge on a regular basis, there may be serious consequences to your health. The health issues that develop will depend on how much you drink, how long you have been regularly drinking, your age and other factors. If you have an alcohol addiction, you are at high risk for:

• Lever disease
• Heart failure
• Stroke
• Certain cancers
• High blood pressure
• Injury and death

What is an Intervention?

If someone you love has an addiction to alcohol, they need to be made aware of the problem. Many times alcoholics deny any problem and don’t realize the seriousness of their actions. You can help by arranging an intervention. The aim of an intervention is to deliberately bring change into another person’s life. It is usually used for alcohol or drug addicts who don’t realize or want to admit they need help. It is a non-threatening way to help them see their self-destructive behavior. It is recommended to get advice from a professional before attempting an intervention.

What Is Alcohol Rehab?

Once an addict is ready for treatment, they should find the proper rehabilitation center for their lifestyle. The objectives in most centers are:

• To recognize the powerlessness of the person regarding their substance abuse
• To address the unhealthy and destructive behavior in which they indulge
• To make the decision to create a plan with a specialist for sustainable, long-term recovery

Major Health Problems that Are Linked to Alcoholism

• There is an increased risk of cancer when the body converts alcohol into a substance that is a strong carcinogen. The main types of cancer that are linked to alcohol are mouth, throat, breast, liver and colorectal.

• Anemia can be caused by heavy drinking. The oxygen-carrying red blood cells become abnormally low causing fatigue, lightheadedness and shortness of breath.

• Cardiovascular disease can be caused by binge drinking when platelets clump together and form blood clots. This can lead to heart attack or stroke. In 2005, researchers at Harvard University found that binge drinkers had double the possibility of death if they initially survive a heart attack. Heavy drinking can also cause the heart muscles to weaken and fail.

There is help available for people addicted to alcohol. The treatment takes time and commitment, but there are rehabilitation centers that provide the help and support of trained specialists to get your loved-one back to a normal life.


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