MIRA Stainless Steel French Press, Coffee Plunger 12 oz

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I have never made a cup of coffee. In fact, I don't drink coffee. But I feel bad whenever people stay with us and want a cup. So I was thrilled when I had the chance to review this French Press.

It is the perfect coffee maker for visitors because you can make a small amount at a time, and I will use it for coffee when we have people staying with us. But I found out it is the absolute bomb for making tea!! I have struggled with various tea kettles and strainers over the years.

Today I used the french press and had my first cup of tea without "bits" in it!!! I use a loose leaf tea and even with my best strainer, bits always floated around in the cup. Not with the french press!

It was awesome. Plus: it's such a cute, petite little kettle! It holds about 1 1/2 cups but you want to use less because pressing the plunger does displace some of the water.

Since this is stainless steel, it will not only last forever, but it can be used for many things without keeping a scent. So I can use this for coffee, tea, straining nut milks, frothing milk, beating whipped cream, and infusing herbs into oil - all without infusing different flavors or scents into the container. 

This is truly a multi-use product and it takes a very small footprint in the cabinet. Did I mention that it also keeps ALL bits from floating in tea!??


SaniClean said...

I have used strainers for years but never thought to try a French press. Very interesting!

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