Would you still love Asparagus if it grew all year long?

I like to read old gardening books. Old weight lifting books. Old history and economics books... I like to see what people "used to think." It turns out, they used to think the same things we still think. And what they "discovered" as something new, eventually gets discovered by us as something new. Crazy.

Of course, in gardening, they often had a few things wrong or different due to a limited understanding of genetics and technology. I recently read a very interesting book about improving productivity in strawberries. It was from the early 1900s. It had a couple of interesting "new ideas" that I'm going to implement this summer.

The most striking part of the book was a mention of the author's home garden. His asparagus bed alone was 50 feet by 40 feet (2000 square feet of asparagus!) My entire garden is 130 square feet. That's it. And I have three lone asparagus plants.

Three asparagus plants on the corner of this bed, sharing space with 12 tomato plants
I was in shock! Maybe I was just doing this all wrong. How could I ever expect to make a reasonable impact on our diet or budget with just 130 square feet of garden. And clearly I was not growing enough asparagus! 

When I brought this up to my husband, he said, "they must eat asparagus for every meal, all week long." And sure enough, later in the book he discussed that they did eat asparagus every single day. I didn't see anything wrong with that (since I love asparagus!) but would it still be so loved if it was so plentiful? 

Food for thought....

(Since the season is still so short, I think it would still be loved - at least by me.)


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