Jump Start your Health and Join the 2015 Vionic Walkabout

Now that January is coming to an end (and New Year's resolutions are long forgotten) it's time to get ready for Vionic's 2015 Walkabout (co-sponsored by Dr. Weil.) 

Sign up now for the February 1st start date, and pledge to walk everyday for 30 days to improve your health and well being!
Why should we walk?: 
Walking can improve your health. In fact, our bodies were made to walk!! Walking is weight bearing exercise that not only benefits your heart and lungs, but also increases your lean muscle mass, improves your balance & agility, and improves lymph circulation. 
It can also improve your mood and get you outside to enjoy the natural world (or even the material world if you'd like to take up mall walking.)
It's also easier than most other exercises, making it something you start (at your own pace) and can stick with. 
 Set a goal, join the Walkabout pledge, and strap on some proper walking shoes. The start to a healthy future is just a few footsteps away...

* I received a complimentary pair of walking shoes as part of this promotion.


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