How to dechlorinate your water and Why you would want to

If your water comes from a municipal water source (aka: city water) then your water most likely contains a high quantity of chlorine. Probably not higher than the "state limit" but still more than you want in your body.

Chlorine is an excellent killer. Think bleach. It kills germs and that's why it's used in our water supply. But unfortunately, chlorine also kills off the healthy flora in your gut and on your skin.

Luckily, there is an easy way to get the chlorine out of your water. Just let it sit on the counter for a few hours. The chlorine will naturally dissipate (into the air as a chlorine gas.)

If you prefer to drink chilled water, you can let the water sit, then pop it back into the refrigerator. I prefer room temperature water, so I just leave my glass sitting out all day long and drink from it when I'm thirsty.

Unfortunately, this method does not remove fluoride or other harmful chemicals/toxins. You can use a filter to remove contaminants, but only reverse osmosis and distillation will remove fluoride.

In order to remove the chlorine from your bathwater, you would need to set up a whole-house filtration system or let your bath water sit until it's cold...brr!


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