2014 Garden - Month 1 Update

It has been 1 month since the 2014 garden was planted. Here is the progress...in pictures.
Asparagus and Tomato Bed - The asparagus produced well and is now ferned out for summer.
Closer view of the tomatoes. They grew really quickly. 12 plants were put in, but I only had 5 cages so a very ugly and haphazard cage/wire system was set up. It's horrible, and will not be used again. I am on the lookout for inexpensive cages.
Beets (yum-o!) and Zucchini. The zucchini plant stems broke in half and almost died from the rain, so I stuck the plant back together and buried it deeper. Tape is an amazing invention!
Green Beans (you can see the peas growing behind and up the fence)
Blueberry Plants - Mulched in pine needles
Blueberries have formed on the bushes and will ripen in another month.
Carrots, Ground Cherries, Cosmos, Leeks, and a wild Goosefoot.
Cucumbers and Chives
Peas climbing the fence. These peas are REALLY tall with only a few flowers on top. I'm not sure what happened (too much rain?) but am hoping they produce before it gets too hot for them.
Buttercup squash (fave!), 2 green peppers, and 2 rouge sunflowers
Swiss Chard and more peas

Heritage Raspberries - Thinned for the first time this year. I took out any thin canes. We'll see if that changes things.

Everything made it...sort of. The ground cherries may or may not be ground cherries. If they are, the germination rate was horrible. The radishes are all gone (eaten by me!) and my daughter added two large sunflowers.

My zinnias were nubbed down by bugs and the beans have suffered a lot of leaf chewing. Probably Japanese beetles again. Other than that, things are growing really well.

Looking at the garden, I am very hopeful that this year will be less "buggy." Bugs are so destructive. The garden is loaded with all of my favorite fruits and veggies (well, the ones that can grow in zone 4.)

To see how it looked in the beginning - click here.


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