How to use up all your summer Zucchini

Have a boat load of zucchini in your garden? Well...if you've planted it then you will soon. There are a zillion ways to eat zucchini, but let me suggest one really healthy way to eat up all your summer bounty.


The picture above is of the zoodles I made for dinner last night. I prefer to eat zoodles instead of pasta, but you can always mix them together to "sneak" in some extra veggies. This pan contains just zucchini - the insides make white noodles, the outside makes green.

I really like zoodles shaped like spaghetti noodles, but you can also slice your zucchini into long flat lasagna noodles too. I make zucchini lasagna (sans real noodles) all the time.

To make lasagna, use the zucchini strips exactly like a noodle and bake as usual.
To use as noodles, either saute lightly in a pan (as I did above - with a smidge of butter,) nuke in the microwave in a covered pan (no water) for 1-2 minutes, or add to boiling water for a minute or two. If you are mixing with regular noodles, just add them two minutes before your regular noodles are done, then strain them all together.

So, how do you make these tasty noodles? With one of these:

It's technically a "julienne peeler" but it works for making noodles. You just grab the veggie and start peeling it. It peels in noodle like strips. I got mine on amazon for about $8. Oops...I mean my kids bought me one on Amazon for mother's day and I'm sure they spent less than $10.

Anyway, it's my new favorite kitchen tool and it makes zucchini noodles like nobody's business.

I am currently stalking the one zucchini plant in my garden hoping it will start producing zucchini soon...and lots of it.

So give zucchini noodles a try. And if you don't want a julienne peeler or spiralizer, you can always make zoodles with a regular vegetable peeler. I have done that for years, they are just longer and flatter - a little less noodle-y but still super good for you and tasty.


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