Dbelt Review - Hottest Summer Accessory

*Complimentary products were received for review purposes
I recently had the chance to review this summer's "Hottest Accessory." Personally, I don't usually tap into the new "it" fads, but this item is the real deal. It's called the Dbelt and it's pretty amazing.

The down and dirty explanation is that this is a slim fitting fanny pack. But it is so much cooler than a fanny pack.

It's basically a waist/hip belt that can hold your credit cards, ID, key, cell phone, and headphones. It's designed to fit a woman's body so well that you can work out while wearing it.

And it does fit well. When you order one, be sure to read the size ranges carefully because it needs to fit snugly. Measure self and buy the right size. The one I received fit perfectly.

Here is my 2 cents:

This belt is MADE for women who exercise and have no where to put their personal items. It would be awesome for that application. That being said, I didn't wear the Dbelt to exercise because I work out at home, needing no keys or credit cards in my home gym. I also did not wear it with yoga pants or workout gear because I never wear those things in public.

I did, however wear the Dbelt a ton. I pretty much wore it every day. I wore it to my children's swim practice, to Target, when I was out in the garden, and everywhere in between. The reason is simple - it was comfortable and did an excellent job of holding the things I need.

I think a purse is a liability. It's a distraction and it's a mess. I prefer to head out the door with nothing but a credit card, and my cell phone. The trouble is most of my outfits are not pocket friendly. Either they have no pockets, decorative pockets, or loosey goosey pockets that let everything fall out.

The Dbelt basically makes any outfit have the pockets you need.

How does it fit?:

It fits perfectly. I wore it right on my waistband, under my shirt. It was so slim that unless I loaded the pockets (on the cell phone side) you would never know I was wearing it.

It did not ride up until hours of sitting at swim practice, then I had to adjust it once or twice.

The best thing, though, was having my hands free at all times. I felt way more alert since I was not constantly minding a purse, carrying items, or checking my pockets to be sure the items did not fall out. It was truly freeing.

I will wear this shopping, on walks, when we travel (hello passport!!) and anywhere I need money/ID/phone but want to still have access to my hands!

I absolutely love the Dbelt. My only wish....was that it was somehow large enough to also hold a decent sized pocket knife. I realize that self defense was not the original intent of this item, but I think it's one of the greatest benefits.

Having your hands and mind free from worrying about a purse or where your keys are is so freeing, and makes you more alert in case of dangerous situations. In the mean time, I am willing to attach my usual knife by clip to the Dbelt or just slip it in my empty pockets.

*I received a complimentary belt for review purposes. No compensation was received and all opinions expressed are my own.


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