How do you stop your cat from pooping on the floor at Christmas?

Christmas is our cat's favorite and worst holiday....all at once. She loves to jump in and out of boxes, bat ornaments, and bite bows off of packages. But she doesn't like to socialize.

Every year, our cat makes it perfectly clear that she can not stand holiday visitors. She hides behind the couch or under our bed.....for days. This unfortunate situation leads to many floor pooping instances and is a bummer for everyone involved.

So how do you fix this situation? This year, we were proactive and put a litter box in our bathroom. Then, instead of letting her hide behind the couch: we locker her in our room.

I know that sounds horrible, but she was either going to cower in the room or cower behind the couch. We made the choice for her and she spent 5 days cowering in my room.

I put her into the litter box on the first day and she promptly scratched 30% of it onto the floor. Annoying, but at least I knew she was paying attention and was aware of the "new" litter box.

The next time I came to check on her, she has used the litter box - twice! It got so popular, I wondered if she would ever go back to using her old box in the usual place.

After all the guest left, I reintroduced her to her old box, and within 1 day the "new" box was gone. We finally had a poop-free Christmas. Wahoo!


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