Free Lego Table

This season in our lives has brought us to the realization that our "babies" are no longer babies. So we cleaned house over the holidays and donated all of their "baby" items.

No more character sleeping bags, 100 piece puzzles, toddler helmets, dolls, etc. In the process we've donated a ton of toys. They just don't play with them the same anymore. One toy that they consistently play with is Legos. They just love them, and I want to keep them interested for as long as  possible. 

So.....I donated their little tykes mini lego table and we went on the hunt for something more "grown up." 

I found this coffee table on craigslist for the whopping good price of FREE and my husband picked it up. Of course it was full of animal hair, stains, and was half broken. 

He quickly went to work fixing it up so it was solid and sturdy. I cleaned the mystery solids off of the surface. Then my husband attached a few flat lego pieces we had onto the center.

Since I have 2 children, they each have their own drawers for special legos and the bottom shelf holds all of their lego bins. 

The best part is that the table is sturdy and they  have enough elbow room when both of them are working on it at the same time. Plus it's the perfect height so they can sit on the floor and play. The little tykes table required a chair or a very uncomfortable squatting position. I am happy with the upgrade, and in a few years when they've outgrown legos entirely, I'll donate this table to someone else who's in need of a free lego table.


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