A BOLD Prediction

I am about to make a BOLD prediction: one that I hope never comes true. 

I predict that the world will encounter a food crisis of epic proportion in MY lifetime (so...anytime between 1 day and about 70 years.) That food crisis will involve a dearth of fresh produce, specifically hitting soft fruits and berries the hardest. 

What exactly do I mean? I mean the world's ability to produce peaches, cherries, raspberries, strawberries, grapes, and blueberries will be drastically reduced. At first this will lead to a lower supply and higher prices. Eventually, it may lead to no production at all. 

I believe this will occur because of the spotted wing drosphila. It reproduces rapidly (each female producing up to 100 offspring every days) and it is virtually indestructible. 

Each female fly has the ability to destroy up to 100 fruits every day. The eggs hatch within 3 days and the maggots virtually obliterate the fruit. The hatched females are fertile almost immediately and they repeat the cycle.

I have been fighting with these flies (swd) for the last 2 years and they are impossible to contain. They started in Japan and have now reached every area in the coastal United States. They are damaging soft fruit and berry farms all across the country and severely decreasing the fruit production and quality. And they are just getting started.... It is only a matter of time until this insect spread to Brazil, Mexico, and other big food producing countries.

In addition to the swd, the japanese beetle is continuing it's destruction, and the honey bee populations in the US and England continue to drop.  Add to this the decrease in bats (prolific insect consumers) and you have a guaranteed recipe for disaster. 

Most of these problems are not solvable with current techniques. They are real and they are magnified more than you could  imagine. I have resorted to chemical use in my organic garden, but to no avail. 

Other producers will increase their chemical usage - polluting the land and further destroying the honey bee colonies. Perhaps even contributing to the bat decline. It's a viscious circle without end.

If the fruit and fresh produce production is dramatically decreased, we will all be limited in the foods we can consume. Wind pollinated plants and animals fed grasses and grains. And processed "food stuff." Sounds like a healthy diet, right? 

I am wracking my brain to find a solution and will gladly share any insights with the entire scientific community. I urge you to do the same so we can end this issue.


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