Attention Moms: Scary School 3 is now available!

This is an emergency message for all moms with kids out of school - You will want to head out to get the new Scary School book (Scary School: the Northern Frights!) It's available now, and it should provide you with at least 1 day free of complaints.

One day is the bare minimum, and that's how it went down at our house. Our review copy arrived just as we were about to head out to run errands. I looked at the package and asked my kids, "hmm...who do we know named Derek?" They thought about it for a few seconds and then yelled out, "Derek the Ghost!"

They were super excited. We've had the chance to read all of the Scary School series and we really enjoyed them. But after we opened the package, this book started to get on my nerves.....

My son would NOT put it down. He read it in the car on the way to the grocery store. He read it as we walked into the grocery store, through the grocery store, back into the car, then into the house and didn't stop until he was done.

I'm all for a kid reading, but sheesh! Reading and walking is not allowed!  Plus a mom could use some help putting away the groceries.

It took him 1 day (with breaks for eating, sleeping and a few random friend distractions) to finish Scary School 3.  It's a rather big book, and I've had over a month of "I'm bored" so I was hoping it would have taken a few more days. But he just loved it too much to stop.

All the characters were there - Charles Nukid, the Rachels.... My kids love the Scary School books for the stories and the "creepy" taboo subject material. I love them because they're fun to read, and they're intelligently written.

If you want your kids to love reading, they need to read books they like, with subjects that interest them. You also want them to stretch their imagination, improve their vocabulary and sentence structure. You get the best of all of these with Scary School (1, 2, and 3!)

You can read my reviews of the other Scary School books here and here - but in case you don't get around to reading the reviews, it bears repeating that the Scary School books are not gory or inappropriate.

Kids think it's fun to talk about vampires or goblins, but there is no real violence or bloody corpses or anything you wouldn't want your kids to read. I would rate them "G" or "E for everybody."

So if your kids are "bored" this summer or you are just looking for something to get your kids excited about reading, I'd recommend you check out the Scary School series - just start with #1 so you get a chance to know the characters and understand the story plot.

Happy reading and enjoy the rest of your summer.

*Disclosure: I received a complimentary book for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own and no compensation was received.


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