Motorola 2 Way Radio Review MT350R

Over the last few years, the weather has been changing, the world is politically unstable, and the western world is still mired in recession. So what are you doing to prepare?

I've discussed this many times. You need to prepare for all sorts of emergencies - the big and the small. Just last week, the people of Oklahoma's homes were torn to shreds. What if you're at an amusement park and your child gets separated from you? What about flooding, intruders, a food shortage?

Almost everyone can think of the basic things you need to prepare, but I'd like to share with you another idea to make your life a little safer. Two way radios.

How can you use a two way radio?  Here's a quick list of how I use our 2 way radio system:

  • We used them to communicate with family members across theme parks.
  • My children take one with when they ride bike to a friend's house or are playing far from home. They radio me when they've arrived and I can check in periodically to be sure they are okay.
  • We take them camping and hiking. If someone gets stranded or lost, it's a great way to be able to communicate. 
  • We keep a set in our emergency preparedness kit so we have them in case of a major disaster. 

We recently had the opportunity to review the Motorola MT350R Talkabout 2 way radios. Since I have a bit of experience with 2 way radios, it was fun to try out a new set.

Here are some of the pros/cons:


  • Bright Orange color makes them easy to find in your bag/drawer/car
  • The sound quality and distance covered is fantastic. The packaging states that they can work up to 35 miles apart from each other, and we had no trouble communicating up to 1/2 a mile away (as far as my kids go alone.)
  • They have a built in flashlight. This would come in handy in the dark and if the power went out and you were stuck in your basement after a disaster.
  • The batteries are rechargeable.
  • They come with a charger to recharge the batteries.


  • They are a little big/bulky and kind of heavy. My usual radio is a lot smaller, so it easily fits in my pocket. These are heavier duty and will most likely last longer. They are also weather proof. I would save these for hiking/camping and store them in our emergency area. My kids will keep the smaller ones.

The Motorola Talkabout radios also receives weather alerts, but that's not something I see myself using. The emergency alert button is also something new and luckily not something I've had to use. I can imagine it would be extremely helpful in a hiking situation where you need to be located.

All in all, I think these are great radios and a good addition to your preparedness kit. If you're like me and have young children, they are an excellent substitute for a cell phone and can help you give them a little freedom while still keeping tabs on them.

They retail for $89.99 and can be found at Bass Pro, REI and I also saw them at Costco this weekend. They would make a great Father's day gift or something for you to give to your kids while they are running around this summer.

*I received a complimentary pair of Motorola 2 way radios for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own. 


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