Playdate Adventures

When you have kids, your entire life changes. One of the biggest changes for an introvert like me was scheduling all the playdates. I eventually got used it, and they became a great way for me and my children to make and grow friendships.

What do you even plan for a playdate? It really depends on the age, but almost all of our playdates have centered around outdoor activities. We'll meet other moms and kids at a park, zoo, beach,  farm, or even just take a walk on nature trails.

Outside is a great place for playdates because almost everyone enjoys nature. Kids can be messy, loud, and rambunctious and it's absolutely okay when you're outside. Plus you are guaranteed to get plenty of exercise.  

Most of our playdates move indoors for the winter and focus on crafts or just getting together to play, but that doesn't stop us from getting outside when we can. 

This is a picture of our favorite playdate activity: Snow Tubing. 

Almost everyone can participate (even babies - on laps of course.) Kids love going down the hills with their friends (attached or separate) and since everyone can participate it beats out against skiing and even sledding.

As our kids get older, they are able to branch out and have even better playdates that include bikes, scooters, even snow shoes.

Later this year, we'll be embarking on the ultimate far-flung playdate and will be travelling with another family to Alaska - kayaking near glaciers is going to be so cool!

What kind of playdates do you have with your friends? Be sure to leave a comment and share your ideas.

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