Shelf Safe Milk in Your Child's Lunch Box

I remember the first time I encountered Shelf Safe milk. I was grocery shopping and I saw it on the shelf. I freaked out and grabbed all of the milk. I couldn't believe somebody took it out and just left it there! I ran to the refrigerated section and tried to find where it belonged.

When I couldn't find a place, I read the packaging and realized that it was "supposed" to be out of the fridge. I couldn't wrap my head around it as I put the product back on the shelf.

I am the type of person that cries when milk spills. If I take milk out of the fridge, I put it back in within seconds. You will not find milk sitting on my counter or at the breakfast table. And if I find it on your counter, I will rudely grab it and put it away. I won't be able to focus until it's cold.

Our lives changed when I started experimenting with "other" milks (like almond or soy) and I got used to the Tetra Pak packaging.

I looked at shelf safe milk many times over the past few years, but it wasn't until I started packing lunches for my daughter that we actually tried it.

I used to pack bottles of milk for my son, surrounded in ice packs. He would refuse to drink it. Apparently, he has the same warm-milk aversion that I have. I gave up with him and sent water every single day.

But my daughter loves milk. Love, love, loves milk. She didn't want "just water" and I didn't want to send milk that was destined to get warm.

It just so happened that shelf safe milk was on sale in our local grocer at the same time and I decided to give it a shot. I bought 4 individual cartons - 2 vanilla, 2 chocolate. One of each for each child.

They were a hit! My children loved them. I mean, who doesn't love chocolate milk? We all knew that they didn't need to be cold. They loved the "juice box" ease of drinking from them. And I loved that I could safely send milk....without the hassles.

They've been a lunch box staple ever since.

Much to my surprise, shelf safe milk has been around since the 1960s. I figured it out in 2012. I'm definitely a slow adapter. Maybe you are too.

The number one thing I wanted to know when I looked at shelf safe milk was whether or not it was truly "safe" and whether the nutritional aspects were changed because of the heating needed to make it shelf safe. If you wonder the same things - you can find more information at Milk Unleashed, Facebook, and Twitter.

Now that I buy shelf safe milk, I've seen it all over the place. Costco, Target, Grocery stores, Walmart.... Click here to find stores near you.

I'd love to hear your stories about shelf safe milk (leave a comment below) and if anyone has a trick for helping cheese or squashable fruit travel well in a lunch box, I am all ears!

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The Prudent Homemaker said...

That was the only kind of milk available for sale in Europe when I lived there. There was no refrigerated milk.

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