Quick Meals You Can Enjoy with Ease

Quick Meals You Can Enjoy with Ease

Many people erroneously believe that adhering to a healthy diet involves spending significant time in the kitchen preparing meals. Busy professionals are often too hungry when lunch and dinner time arrives to spend much time making something elaborate. However, it's possible to quickly create healthy options using just a few ingredients. One of the easiest quick meal ideas and recipes requires angel hair pasta, olive oil, minced garlic, cherry tomatoes and fresh spinach.

Preparing this meal involves cooking the pasta until al dente, which takes about ten minutes. Minced garlic should be sauteed in olive oil until just barely browned and then removed from heat and stirred well into the pasta with the spinach. This provides a proper amount of heat to blanch the spinach. The cherry tomatoes or canned stewed tomatoes can be served on top of the pasta dish.

One trick to get optimal nutrition out of meals is to serve everything over a bed of fresh spinach. Everything goes well with spinach, from dinner omelets to sauteed seafood. Lunch sandwiches can be made using spinach instead of the standard iceberg lettuce for an increased nutritional boost. One quick and healthy dinner is as simple as preparing some brown rice and serving it over a bed of spinach with a nice piece of grilled fish.

Because seafood generally cooks quickly, it's an excellent choice for hungry, health-conscious people. Fish can be grilled in a matter of minutes. Those who are concerned about the risks involved in eating fish should remember that fish that have been caught in cold waters are lower in mercury than their warm-water counterparts. Wild Alaskan salmon, for instance, contains very little mercury.

Eating salmon is a great way to stay healthy. One quick and easy preparation method is to brush a piece of salmon lightly with honey mustard dressing, wrap in foil and bake at 400 degrees Fahrenheit for no longer than 20 minutes. It can also be sauteed in olive oil with minced garlic or placed on an outdoor barbecue.

Canned salmon is also an choice for those who want healthy-a-hurry lunch or dinner options. It can be quickly heated for inclusion in pasta, stirred into rice or used in place of tuna fish in a classic fish-and-Swiss-cheese melt sandwich.

Busy singles and couples can quickly learn enough fast and easy recipes to ensure that they'll be eating healthy foods on a regular basis.


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