Planning Your Family Entertainment Budget Today

Planning Your Family Entertainment Budget Today

As costs continue to rise, many families are looking for ways they can slash expenses while still enjoying the occasional entertainment of attending a concert, seeing a movie, or eating out. The good news is that while costs may be on the rise, there are still ways cost-conscious families can budget for entertainment.

Plan Ahead to Save 

Timing can be everything when it comes to dining out. Many restaurants across the country offer special nights when kids either eat free or at a reduced price. By checking in advance for such nights, families can still enjoy the luxury of dining out without wrecking their budget.

Go Surfing for Deals 

Shopping online is another great way for families to save money on the cost of entertainment. Thanks to the Internet, it is now possible to purchase tickets online for practically any type of event you would like to attend, including concerts and movies. This can often translate to tremendous savings. By shopping wisely, frugally, and sparingly, families can pick up tickets for everything from Dayglow tickets to the latest new releases for dramatically cheaper prices. 

Do you and your family enjoy attending sporting events, but shy away because of the expensive ticket prices? If so, consider attending non-professional sporting events. Not only are the tickets cheaper, but so are the parking and concession prices. If you simply cannot miss seeing your favorite pro team, try surfing online for tickets just before the game and you may well be able to find great seats for a fraction of the price.

Online coupon sites are another excellent way to save money on entertainment. Many venues have been quick to pick up on the fact that more budget-conscious families can mean less business. In an effort to compensate, there are now many venues and businesses offering reduced prices and two-for-one deals. By signing up for alerts for your geographical area, you can act on such deals before they expire.

Wait it Out to Save 

Cheap theaters and matinees are another way families can easily reduce the cost of seeing a movie. It can easily cost $45 or more for a family of four to see the latest new release, but by attending the matinee or even waiting a month or so after the movie is first released, you can often save a tremendous amount of money. Some theaters also offer half-price tickets just as the show time approaches if not all of the seats are filled. If you are willing to be a bit spontaneous and wait until this last minute, this can be a great way to land a bargain.

Discount days and free admission days offer another option for staying within your family’s entertainment budget while still exposing your children to culture. Many zoos, museums, and galleries discount their regular admission prices on certain days of the week, while others offer special free admission days.

Just because you need to watch your budget, does not mean you must sacrifice entertainment for the entire family. Getting on top of your entertainment expenses isn't as hard as you might think. 


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