Yahoo Women Who Shine Contest

Everybody knows a special woman that truly shines. In my case, I know quite a few. So I decided to enter one of them in the Yahoo Women Who Shine contest. I entered my sister because she is a mom that truly does shine, but she doesn't get enough praise for the hard work she does.

Take a look at what I wrote about her below and then head on over to her entry here and cast your vote. The winner will receive $10,000.

Veronica shines because she is a true example of what a mother is supposed to be, but in being a super mom, she hasn't received much praise and deserves a chance to really shine!  She puts the needs of her family and community above her own. Over the past few years, she has run two successful businesses, held a full time job, raised three children, actively pursued change in her school system, and managed a homestead.

She takes time for her children and encourages them to be their best. She runs her own graphics business but also supports other area businesses with free advertising and graphics to help them get up and running and, in this economy, survive. She also manages her husband's business and has been providing jobs to over forty people for the past ten years.

She raises chickens and pigs and grows organic produce to make sure her family eats nutritious food while at the same time, limiting their environmental footprint.

Did I mention she also works a full time job and raises three children? She may be super mom, but she isn't superwoman. No, in fact over her entire lifetime, she has always focused on others and rarely considered herself.

I was surprised when she recently told me she had always dreamed of being in show business. Really? But she just sighed and said it could wait. She has been waiting all her life and always ensures that others shine. Now it's her turn.

You can vote for Veronica and you can enter your own nominees. This is a great way to honor the women in our lives, and one lucky gal will win!!

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