Then end of the Summer Garden

We are the end of this year's gardening season, and the results were mixed. 2012 turned out to be an amazing strawberry and tomato year (28 quarts of tomatoes canned so far, and so many more eaten and left to preserve...)

It was an odd year for winter squash. All of my squash ripened and finished off in July. That's not supposed to happen. But I ate them, and they were delicious, so who am I to judge, I guess.

We had battles with worms of all kind and the hot summer mixed with my rampant killing, left us with fewer and smaller fall raspberries than expected.

Next year will be our first year without summer raspberries. I am killing all the canes at the end of September and scruffing up the dirt, so any last bugs will be killed by the winter cold.

Two of the blueberries may be replaced next spring, so I'm expecting a light blueberry season. And the strawberries? I always guess wrong on those. If I think it looks like a good season, we get very few berries. If I'm ready to rip them out, we get buckets of them.

Next year should be a gang buster asparagus year! And I will finally prevent myself from planting spinach....and lettuce. Finally! Maybe?

The overall plan is undecided. Fall usually leaves me disenchanted and annoyed with the garden. I am happy to see the end. By January, I'll start planning again. I'll be all excited and will have all new strategies to solve this year's problems.

I'll be itching to get going again in March....and will have to wait until May. Then I'll put all my new plans in place, new issues will pop up, I'll harvest some tasty produce and whip the rest, then I'll get frazzled and fall will eventually come.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


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