Small Girls Can't Lift - A Grocery Shopping Tale....

Have you ever noticed the old ladies getting dropped off or picked up right outside of stores? At first glance, it seems like their men are being chivalrous....but it only leads to weakness.

Use it or lose it, right? 

I like to be able to do things for myself, and I hope to be able to do things for myself until the day I die.

Today was one of those days. Not the dying, the doing....

I keep forgetting to buy water softener salt. Ugh. I missed the last sale at our grocery store, so I'd have to wait another 3 months to get a good enough price to buy salt. And of course, we actually need salt, so I headed off to Walmart where I knew it would be reasonably priced (minus a sale.) 

Since I don't shop at Walmart often, I walked over to a very elderly associate and asked her where they keep the water softener salt. 

She said "what?" and I repeated the question...twice. Then she said, "oh it's right around this corner dear."

I said "Thanks" and started around the corner as she said, "Oh no! Just wait right here and I'll get someone for you." 

Before she could finish her sentence, I had already grabbed a bag with one hand and put it inside the cart. 

I turned to go and I saw her face. It was half "oh my" and half "why, I never!" 
I quickly realized that I would need more than one bag, so I grabbed another and easily placed it in the cart.

She was speechless. Mouth agape. I guess, she wasn't prepared for my she-man powers. Or "back in her day, women didn't do such things..." or something. 

I'm not trying to brag. Water softener salt is only 40 pounds, but I guess she really didn't expect it from someone my size.

But all moms know, that's just like grabbing a first grader with one arm and plopping her down into the cart. Minus the squiggling and fighting. All in a days work!


Anonymous said...

I carry myown groceries and refuse to be elt out at stores too

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