It's almost football season at BW3!

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It's almost fall and that season! That means games, get togethers with friends, chips and dip, and lots and lots of cleaning! What??? 

Sure, none of the guys think about the cleaning and cooking that go into football get togethers. They only think of the games, the snacks, the friends, and the fun. 

To survive football season, what if you had all your events at BW3? Then everyone could be as loud as they want, watch the game on multiple screens, be around other fans, eat as much as they want....and mom can just chill without any cooking or cleaning. Sounds like a win-win to me! You don't even have to plan the menu! Everyone orders what they want or you order a bunch of everything for people to share!

In case you didn't know, Buffalo Wild Wings is a sports bar with a full menu. It's definitely man-friendly, but it's alos family friendly.

There are many big-screen tv’s to watch the game, and lots of options for game friendly (and kid friendly) food.

Protect the football. Get to B-Dubs. At B-dubs, everyone is happy!  I'm going to encourage our family to get together with friends at BW3 so the boys can watch the game, the kids can eat and play, and I can avoid all the stress and hassle. Woo!

It will be so nice to go home after a great meal and time with friends, and just relax. No cleaning. No reminders of the game. Just quiet. 

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Jessica-MomForHim said...

Can I just ask....I also grew up knowing it as BW3, but have been wondering, why is it BW3 and not BW2, since Buffalo Wild Wings has only 2 W's? I'm serious--if anyone knows, I'd like to know!

Angela said...

LOL - I have no idea why it's called that. Hopefully someone will have the answer. :)

Anonymous said...

It was originally called Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck.


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