How to Healh a Painful Relationship and if Necessary, Part As Friends

How do you have a healthy relationship? This is the million dollar question, and How To Heal A Painful Relationship: And If Necessary, Part As Friends by Bill Ferguson comes close to answering that question.

The title may convince you that this book is all about divorce, but that isn't the case. All of us have had less than perfect relationships - with our friends, our families, and our significant others.

This book gives you a great way to look at your relationship and to change the things you can control.

I read the book this summer when my marriage was in a "good place" and I had already settled a lot of my own emotional drama. So when I read it, it all made sense and sounded like good, actionable advice. I wondered how I would receive the information if I was angry at the time or in the middle of relationship turmoil.

In that case, I sent the book to a friend that is in the middle of a potential divorce. She's now read it twice. I am hoping she is able to take the information and heal herself and her relationship.

The book also made me sad because when I think of divorce, I remember my parents' divorce - the fighting, screaming, and the complete severing of any relationship. If you are going through a potential divorce - I urge you read this book because it doesn't have to be a violent and permanent separation.

Even if things went terribly wrong, you can at least end friendly. That's one of the best takeaways from this book. It tells you how to get back to being friends.

It's a good read for healing and keeping your relationships healthy, and it complements Get Your Power Back. I would recommend this book to anyone in a relationship (romantic or difficult friendships/family) and I'd even go so far as to say it's probably a good book to give to newlyweds. An ounce of prevention...

*I received a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own.


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