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I'm always looking to get rid of things once my children grow out of them or I just don't need them anymore. I prefer to sell my things online instead of holding a garage sale, but it's not perfect. 

Luckily, as time goes on, sites advance and new sites come up that do things better than before. Ubokia is a new online marketplace where you can buy and sell online. It comes with uTrust to make your experience safer - that means everyone on Ubokia has their identity verified and your not dealing an unidentified mystery person.

You just post your "want" and sellers come to you. You don't have to search. If you want to sell something, you can check the wants and see if a buyer is looking for the items you have. That makes things really easy.

You can use it like a virtual garage sale and use it to find services like vacations, rentals, collectibles, and more.

I was able to find a buyer for my dad's ipad within minutes. He had bought it thinking  he would love it and when he didn't, he couldn't return it. So...he had to find a buyer. He found a woman nearby and it was really easy.

And of course, it's free to use. Free to list and free to find items. 

There's even more to this site that I haven't explored yet. I was hooked on looking for things people wanted and trying to figure out what I might want to post as a "want." I'm thinking....snowshoes.  Yes, I know it's summer.

You can set up what are called uGroups and organize activities in your community. I'll be looking in to this soon.

Until then, check out the marketplace (a link to the marketplace should appear below so you can get a snapshot of what to expect) and see if you can find buyers that want your stuff or find things you've always wanted. 

***I was compensated for this post.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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