Breast Feeding with Implants

Have you seen all the news lately about breast feeding? Apparently there is a ton of controversy over hospitals monitoring and tracking formula use. Would that really prevent someone from using formula if they wanted? Or will that force women into breast feeding?

It's amazing the things we get worked up over. I breast fed both of my children. I did it for their health, but it wasn't easy. Part of the trouble was having to see my "new" chest on a regular basis. A post-baby body is not always a beautiful thing and to have to see it on a regular basis is emotionally tough.

What would breast feeding with breast implants be like? Would it be easier to look at your perfectly formed chest multiple times a day? I wonder...

But I'm not sure if having surgery before you get pregnant is a good idea. Pregnancy changes your body a lot. You should speak to a breast augmentation surgeon in Eugene before you decide to have the surgery. They can advise how pregnancy will affect your body and your surgical results.


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