A FREE - no equipment - Full Body workout that zaps your butt and abs!!

Want an exercise that works your entire body (with particular emphasis on your glutes and abs?) What about one that's free and requires no equipment? You can tell by the picture, that the answer is.... handstands!

Like pull ups, they work your entire body. They can be done anywhere. They are free. And they're hard as hell.

All the more reason to master it.

I'm proud to say that I'm one of a very small percentage of women that can do real pull ups (and push ups, how sad is that?) but for my entire life, I have not been able to do handstands or flips. And 2 years ago I couldn't even do real push ups!

Not long ago, I got really good at headstands, but we all know they're not the same. Just as chin ups are easier than pull ups - headstands are easier than handstands.

Then my daughter joined gymnastics and she did a handstand! Just as I've improved my swimming by watching them at swim school, I've been watching the gymnastics lessons and I'm hoping to improve my own gymnastic abilities.

I've learned a slew of great new body weight exercises (some of them super tough!) and am proud to say that I CAN do a handstand now!  For a few seconds.

It took me a few weeks of solid trying - and a lot of flipping over (drat!) but I eventually got it.

Of course, that meant I kept doing it over and over and over again until my body was so tired that I couldn't get my legs up anymore....

The best thing about "overdoing" something, is you can really feel where your muscles were challenged. Gotta love post-exercise delayed onset muscle pain.

The next day - my glutes, abs, upper back, and triceps were killing me! Of course, I wanted to wake up and start all over again, but I am learning to have patience and let my muscles heal.

You can't just start walking on your hands the first week. It's a build up... and how great will it be if I eventually get that strong.

In the meantime, I'm going to keep using this as a great overall body conditioner.  I mean, who wants to do crunches. I never do them. Pull ups, dead lifts, heavy squats, and handstands all target your core in unbelievably effective ways.

Have any hints to share on handstands or flips? Leave me a comment. I'm always learning and love to hear fitness tips.


Stephanie said...

You should try doing a push up while doing a hand stand against the wall. You can practice these by walking yourself up the wall with your tummy facing the floor and do a push up. Go up higher each day, until you can do a push up completely vertical. Did you practice doing hand stands against the wall first, before doing it all alone? Or were you completely practicing with no wall from the get go? I want to challenge myself now, too. I will try tomorrow. Eeeee. I don't think I have ever done one, a real one, even as a child. I could barely do round offs - no cartwheels, so maybe we should try doing them too eventually.

Anonymous said...

Use the wall as a beginner and slowly back away until you are strong enough to do it on your own.

orion vaughan said...

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