New Winx Club Deluxe Dolls

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My kids love to watch Nickelodeon programs and one of my daughter's favorites is Winx Club. In fact, she battled with her brother over the remote and eventually got him hooked as well - though he'll never admit to liking the show. 

Now Nickelodeon is launching a new Winx Club Deluxe doll line in Walmart stores and at I went to to check out the new line of toys. There were even more Winx club toys than I expected. They had dolls, books, vanity sets, movies, Nintenod DS games, and even clothing. 

I'm going to need to hide that page from my daugther - who at 6 is exruciatingly web savvy - and hope that we can keep it a secret so we'll have gift options this holiday season.NickelodeonCopy.doc - Google Docs

If you're wondering about Winx Club for your girls, I would describe it as Fairy girls (and boys) running around solving problems and mysteries, battling wizards - basic saving the world kind of stuff. It's pretty innocent. My daughter really likes it. 

I would say she likes the adventures, but the wings probably help a bit too. 

When I asked her what she liked best about it, she said "everything," Then she said, "I'm going to watch Winx Club right now!"

You can watch videos to see the dolls in action at the Winx Club Deluxe page. But watch it around your girls at your own risk. Soon you'll be sitting down to watch Winx Club too.

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