How Dedicated Are You?

How dedicated are you to your health? One cold May morning, I headed to the pool when it was 58 degrees outside. I was thrilled to see that I would have the pool all to myself (I mentioned that it was 58 degrees, right?)

I jumped in to the frigid water and swam and swam for about 25 minutes. I was exhausted and cold and super out of breath. That's when I realized I was really dedicated to being healthy.

Sure, I talk about being healthy, I exercise regularly, and I eat healthy most of the time. But it's easy to "say you're healthy, but really eat chips in your room at night."

I really AM dedicated to being healthy. I'm swim in frigid water dedicated and "I don't eat nachos" dedicated. And because I'm dedicated, it's about time I kick the candy habit for good. Wish me luck! And good luck finding your dedication.


Anonymous said...

iw ould never swim in the cold like that

Becca said...

Wow, that is dedication! I just kicked a cookie/dessert habit myself. The first week was hell but I am actually starting to prefer fruit to some desserts now!

Anonymous said...

i wish you would write more fitness related articles. :)

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