Grow Baby Grow - A July Garden Update

The garden is flourishing this year! The pictures never do it justice. I have already removed the summer bearing canes for all my raspberries and the fall bearers are about 6 feet tall. And loaded with berries. All the tops are hanging heavy with fruit - here are few shots to illustrate:

We have two cauliflower heads growing. Since I don't spray them and was too late with any nets, I am *hoping* they stay worm free. I know, it's gross. What can you do?

 And I am pulling out red tomatoes every day. Yay! You can see the tomatoes below. I have 4 other plants behind the garden and they have recovered and are full of tomatoes too. All the tomatoes in the photo are green - the reds were already in my basket when I shot the picture.

The tomato plants are over 5 feet tall and are supported by bamboo stakes. This is the first year I've supported them with what are essentially "sticks." We haven't had any major storms and the vines are just now loaded with heavy fruits. If we can weather all of those things and the plants all survive/thrive, then I'd highly recommend the system. So far - so good. It's a very cheap, easy, and sustainable way to trellis your plants.


Anonymous said...

Those berries look great. I am jealous

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