Driving Issues for Handicapped Individuals

Recently, we've made friends with more and more handicapped people. It seems ironic that we've went so many years and not really had any handicapped friends, but as we age, we've met more  people with noticeable disabilities.

The one that thing that always strikes me is how normal they live. They eat, drive, and raise families: just like the rest of us. The driving part always surprises me because many of our friends can't use their legs at all and barely have use of their hands.

All of them use handicap accessible vans with all sorts of cool ramps, lifts, and buttons that make driving not only possible, but simple and very functional. None of them drive around in small cars or trucks.

If one of your family members uses a wheelchair and you're still struggling to get them in and out of a standard car or van, you'll want to look into the advancements that have come along. The technology is incredible.

And to prevent disability in the first place, remember to always wear your seat belt, avoid riding in cars with people that are drinking (including yourself!,) exercise regularly and focus on your major and minor stability muscles, eat healthy food you prepare yourself, get plenty of fresh air and sunshine, and stay connected in your community and with your family. And by all means - use your body to it's full capacity while you still have it!

If disability does happen to someone in your family, try to remember that it's not the end of the world. Times have changed and there are solutions to make your life better.


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