Why You Should Support Marriage as the Union between a Man and a Woman

When it comes to the issue of marriage, I have always felt that it was none of my concern who a person chose to marry. I don't care if women date women or men date men. It's not the choice I'd choose, but everyone has a right to choose their own life.

So when alternative couples started asking for the legal right to marry, I didn't see the harm. I didn't see the point either- I mean, really, do you HAVE to have a marriage license to prove you love each other?

But I guess I was wrong. I would never side for male/female marriage just based on religion, but I came across a very compelling article that entirely changed how I view marriage.

I won't repeat the info because it's relatively short and you can read it yourself. Here's a link. Read it and tell me if it changes how you feel about same-sex marriages. Anyone who has been in a committed relationship can tell you that it's difficult, but when children are involved (as they are in most heterosexual relationships) there is a lot at stake (for the individual children and society at large.)


Unknown said...

The author is a fellow at a conservative think tank. I support same-sex marriage. I have to say that your reference to same-sex couples as "alternative couples" is pretty offensive to me.

Anonymous said...

Unknown - quit whining like a baby about everything that offends you. You being a faggot offends me. I think it's gross - too bad someone doesn't protect me from having to see, hear, or worry about my kids being exposed disgusting people like you. Offended? Good...deal with it like I do every day.

Anonymous said...

How would you choose to grammatically represent same-sex couples if "alternative couples" is offensive to you?

The dictionary gives the definition for "alternative" as such:
-available as another possibility
-of or relating to behavior that is considered unconventional and is often seen as a challenge to traditional norms

I believe Angela used the best possible verbiage available.

Kudos to you, Angela!

Angela said...

Whoa! This is obviously causing quite a heated debate. First of all, let me say that if you read the article (mine and the Star Tribune link) you'll see that I'm not against homosexual unions.

I think consenting adults can make their own choices. I am absolutely FOR civil unions and legal rights for gay and lesbian couples.

If you read the article, you'll see that I came across information that finally convinced me that it was the right thing to defend "marriage" as the union between a man and a woman.

It's not that I think gay people can't be together and live together. I just finally saw a convincing argument that keeping marriage defined as one man and one woman was beneficial to society.

It's just like religion or churches. I am not religious. But I believe that churches are good for society. Jihadists, crusaders, and witch hunters are not good for society (or individuals!) but the bulk of the "church" is good for the world.

And "marriage" is good for society too. Why is it that you're wanting to tear that apart. Why isn't a civil union and all the legal "benefits" of marriage good enough? Why do you NEED the label?

That to me, shows a feeling of inadequacy. What are you trying to prove to yourself? If you are confident in your relationship, then that's all that matters. You don't need the label.

What's really breaking apart marriage - in case you want something else to debate - is welfare. When a woman can live for free just by having kids out of wedlock - what do you think she's going to do?

There are some that live according to a higher moral standard and work for a living. And there are others that need rules, laws, and societal pressure to obey. Those people need marriage to be one man and one woman. They need penalties for not being married. They need penalties for not working. And they need churches.

Anonymous said...

Well said again, Angela.

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