Using the Roadtrip-a-Matic to visit Pennsylvania

I've been to Pennsylvania, but I've never been outside or Philadelphia. As our kids are getting older, we are planning more and more road trips and the East coasts holds a lot of US history.
I took a look at the pa-roadtrips  Roadtrip-a-Matic to plan a trip for our family to visit Pennsylvania. There are dozens of ready-to-ride trips to choose from that cater to the adventure you want.
If you want to golf, shop, eat, visit museums, and more you can find a ready planned road trip just ready for you to go. Since I'd be bringing my family, I'd love to take the history roadtrips.  Our kids are just about the right age to understand how our country was formed and why. Plus they could finally understand some of the hardships along the way to the country they see today.
The Roadtrip-a-Matic shows you where to eat and stay, what sights to see, and even tells you how many days you should stay. That's fantastic! There's nothing worse than planning 4 days in a location with only one day's worth of activities.
Our whole family would enjoy the roadtrip and we'd all end up learning a lot more about our country's history too. Imagine the conversations on the way home!

Check it out and come back here to leave a comment on which trip you'd most like to take and why.


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