Think about Where your Food Comes From

It always surprises me that people can eat something without thinking about where it comes from. Packaged foods that used to be living animals now look nothing like their original form. They're packaged. Pretty. Thoughtless.

It's always bothered me. And that was before I knew anything about the food industry. Diving into books like The Ominvore's Dilemma opened up a whole knew world I never knew existed. And then it bothered me even more.

How can people who claim to be "Christian" not care about the animals and plants that their God created (and loves!) How can you turn away from the abuse and suffering just because you want to eat a $1 burger at a fast food restaurant or want to get the cheapest food possible at the grocery store.

I'm all for saving money. But only where it makes sense. In a lot of ways, you get what you pay for and we are surely getting what we pay for. Cheap food means excess food. That means obesity and disease. Cheap food means low wages, millions of people on the welfare system. It means more medical costs and more pollution. It means higher taxes.

Maybe you don't pay taxes (or very little) so you don't care. You like cheap food. Maybe you need to open your eyes!

Caging animals isn't all that different from caging humans. Yes, it's a little different. But it's not ALL that different. Force feeding herbivores meat products is a crime against nature. Stuffing all animals full of corn is making them sick and in turn making us sick.

Do you want to be healthier? Do you want to know what's in your food? Then pull up a seat and start reading.

The easiest way to start understanding is to watch some of the movies on the subject. For the most part, they are short and easy to sit through.

One of them is King Corn, though I found this movie to be severely lacking in any oomph or actual information. You could also watch Fast Food Nation or Super Size Me.

Food Inc does a pretty good job explaining a few of the main issues with the current food system, but it doesn't cover it all, or dive in deep enough. It's greatest feat is showing you in video what big cattle lots and slaughter houses look like. Just watching rows and rows of carcasses moving on assembly lines is so disturbing.

They do not take you inside a chicken house, and that's a shame. I have been inside a caged chicken house and it is an ungodly place.

You could also read all of the books that go alone with those movies, but really I think the most informative source is still The Omnivore's Dilemma. I'm warning you from the get-go that the first few pages are a drag. You'll want to quit, but then you won't and you'll be forever glad that you hung on and read the whole thing. It's a life changer. For the better.

The Omnivore's Dilemma is not a book to force you into vegetarianism. In fact, it brought me out of it! It's a source of valid information and rational thinking. The way America (and the rest of the world) are farming now is doing us harm. Pay attention to what you eat. Find out what you're really eating. Do it for selfish reasons - your own health and the health of your family. Do it because you care about animals or people or the Earth. Just do it.


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