Switched at Birth - a Plant Tale

Sometimes it seems like the exact same thing keeps happening. When this happens, I think we must be somehow causing it to happen. For instance, when my husband drives, cars always merge into him. Always!

That almost never happens to me, so it must be something about him. Well, I have my own version of "cars merging into me." It's called plant-switcheroo.

It all started with the Autumn blaze maple. I ordered it from our landscaper and was annoyed when it turned out to be a "fall fiesta."

Then there were the red astilbes I planted in front of my house. They turned out to be pink.

Then the oregano seeds. They grew into petunias.

But this week, something alarming happened. I had replanted fallgold raspberries for the 3rd time and was so excited to see berries ripening. Would I finally have a golden raspberry patch? Wahoo!

Three years of unsuccessful plantings were about to be rewarded.

By now, you know what happened. No, the plants didn't crumble up and die requiring me to start over next spring.

The berries ripened. I ate them. They were delicious. And they were red. Red as red can be.

I very specifically bought fallgold berries, and the nursery had an order of Anne Yellow's on hold for me just in case they didn't take. Grrrrrrr.......

What do I do now? After eating the berries (and realizing that they are ripening at different times than my other 2 red varieties) I am fairly certain that they are a "new" variety. New to me anyway. So I'm going to keep them, and start again with Anne Yellow's next spring.

It took me 3 year to get a viable asparagus bed, so I guess it'll be 4 for golden raspberries, assuming the next batch are actually yellow! Sheesh.


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Maybe next year.

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