How to Prevent And Treat Lice without Harmful Chemicals

Warning: This article may cause you to itch and scratch your scalp. Read at your own risk. 
If you've ever had lice, then you know what a horrible mess it is to treat and get rid of. Bear with me as I explain that I have had lice twice in my life. No, I'm no horribly dirty. But I did come from a large family and at least one child was in elementary school for almost my entire childhood.

Kids get lice. They spread lice. Even to their college-aged sisters. So I had lice once as a child, and once in college.

The treatment was the same. My mom would douse us in chemicals, shave the boys' hair, then spend hours combing through three little girls super long hair. Even combing my daughter's hair is a drama fest, so I rue the day that lice makes it's way here!

And there's a good chance that it will. Every month or two, the school sends home notices saying that someone in my child's class has head lice. My neighbors have had it multiple times. Sharing it back and forth at slumber parties and play dates.

So I have been silently freaking out about what I'll do when it hits my children. When I was in college, the "usual" chemicals didn't work and I had to use turpentine to finally kill them. OMG!  It was so horrible.

Nowadays, there is no way I'd be using turpentine. I am definitely a chemical-free mom and the thought of even using the usual chemical treatments scares me enough.

Lucky for me, I had the chance to review a product that gets rid of lice without using pesticides.
The products are the Robi Comb and LiceGuard Repellent Spray. The repellent spray is a non-toxic spray made with natural ingredients. I'll be using this whenever we go to sleep overs, attend camps, or get a "notice" from school that there's an outbreak in the classroom. For some reason, everybody hugs each other in my kids' school!

But I am most excited about the Robi Comb. If you have ever picked nits out of someones head (one by one!) then you will be too. The Robi comb not only detects lice (with an audible signal) it also kills them. Using a AA battery, the Robi Comb zaps lice when they come in contact with the metal teeth. Yeah!

This is so much less messy, so much easier, and non-toxic! I am not looking forward to the day that lice comes into our home, but I am excited to have a non-toxic product to use! I've already showed to to my neighbors and friends. The mom next-door who has had multiple instances has already ordered it!

*I received complimentary products for review purposes. No compensation was received and all opinions expressed are my own.


Stephanie Ann said...

In class we had a lecture on lice and scabies (ick!). Anyway, a newer method, called LouseBuster is on the session of visiting the doctor will suck them out. It is very expensive. When talking about it in class it was viewed as more of the luxurious type of treatment for those wanting to get rid of lice fast and not caring about the cost.

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