How do you REALLY get skinny & A Review of Bob Harper's The Skinny Rules

Want to know to know the truth about getting skinny? I'm guessing you do because almost everyone I meet asks me about it. Today, I met with a lady to discuss home insurance rates, and she and I had an hour and a half discussion about weight! She was a total stranger. My friends ask me, my neighbors ask me, strangers ask me.

Why do they ask me?  Because I'm skinny. I'm old and I'm skinny! Maybe they want help, they want advice, or they want an excuse. I swear some women ask me "how did you get so thin?" just to make themselves feel better. They want me to say "it's genetics" or "I never eat" or some other line that makes it out of my control and of course out of theirs.

Then again, some people might mean it as an insult. "Ew, how'd you get SO skinny?" I've never heard the "Ew" but it's probably been implied. I don't know, women's issues are extremely complicated.

Even still, I had been planning a blog post on the subject for a long time. I wanted to answer all those people in one (long) article, detailing out what it takes to be thin for life. To be fair, I was born thin and was only fat for a few years following the birth of my kids.

I got back to my thin self but reconnecting with the "old me" and doing things the way I had always done them. I wanted to share those ways with you, but someone else beat me to the punch. If you are overweight and serious about changing your entire lifestyle, then you'll want to get a copy of Bob Harper's The Skinny Rules.

What is it? It's a book that outlines 20 rules that you must live by in order to be thin. Some of them will be life changers; others, not so much. NONE of them have anything to do with exercise! Exercise isn't even mentioned in this book (except in the first few pages to note that eating patterns have a much greater effect on your BMI.)

That was a big shocker. I was surprised that Bob Harper (The Biggest Loser Trainer) would not bring up exercise. But it should be comforting to all overweight people that he has trained many people back into healthy weights and that as a thin person, I follow all but ONE of Bob's rules consistently. 

If you want to know which rule that is, ask me about it, or just look up rule #7. That's the one rule I break, regularly. But I'm not trying to lose weight. It's a good rule to follow if you are trying to scale back.

The book consists of the rules, tools to get you started, and recipes. I really liked every part of the book. It's a little bit odd because it's pretty clear that Bob is involved in the writing process. His voice comes across in the book and I found myself trying to imagine him saying some the words or trying to remember if he had said something similar on The Biggest Loser.

He's definitely not the "nice trainer" he gets pegged for, but he's honest and willing to tell it like it is. You may not like the changes described in the book, but they are the truth and Bob has obviously kept up on current studies, trends, and food issues. I like his methods.

If you're already thin, this is not the book for you. Not to lose weight anyway. If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you can read the book and make a few changes. If you're one of the many Americans that needs to make a change but doesn't know where to start, then get this book. It clears through all the crap that's out there and gives you a straight forward plan.

If you need a full - no nonsense plan - to lose weight and look good naked then check this baby out:  Everything you Need to Know about Female Fat Cells, Weight Loss and looking good naked. Last time I checked it was under $3.

This book does include exercise - but not in a crazy way. It goes into some of the science behind why we gain weight and then gives you a comprehensive plan for life. Not a plan to lose weight for your high school reunion, but how to really get healthy and look good.

You many not like "the plan" in either of these books but they are the only plans that are really going to work - for life. And beyond the recipes and rules, I'd recommend you exercise. You don't have to be a track star or olympian. Just move your body every day - a lot. Do whatever you actually like to do - swim, dance, walk, ride bike. And do some stuff you hate - mow the lawn, dig a garden, clean your house. Just get up and move.

*I received a complimentary copy of The Skinny Rules and I bought the Everything You Need to know book for free with Kindle unlimited.  No compensation was received and all opinions expressed are my own.


weight-loss-center said...

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Anonymous said...

I have read this & his rules are great. I have lost almost 12 pounds in one month!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

this book is great. Thanks for sharing the tips

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