Employment Legal Advice in Austin

Once you become an employee, the world is a much different place. You'll spend a lot of time at work and, while there, you are at the mercy of your boss and coworkers. Your happiness and stress level are intimately tied to the workplace and the people you meet there.

But what happens when things go wrong? What if your boss asks you to do something illegal?  What if you're not getting paid what was promised? What if you suffer from harassment or are fired for no apparent reason? Any of these things could happen. A few of them have even happened to me, but I had no idea where to turn for help or advice.

One place to look for help is www.austinemploymentlawyer.com/. You need assistance if you have have issues at work and you are going to do something to change what's happening. And it helps to have a skilled adviser on your side.

I wish I had known what I know now. When I was working, I not only dealt with harassment at one job, I was required to do things I thought were illegal at another. I eventually quit. The stress was intense. But years later, I got wind of a huge whistle blower lawsuit that took down my former employer for the exact same troubles they were involved in back when I worked there.

I'm proud of the person that stood up to them. Of course, they made millions. I only wish I had had the courage to speak up and find help rather than internalizing the stress and eventually leaving the job.

It can be different for you. You can get advice and legal help. You can make things right in the workplace - for you and for your coworkers and maybe someday for your children.


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