Ecover Sunny Day Detergent Review

Laundry is one of the easiest places to go green! I say that because there are so many great detergents available that make it really easy to get the job done and still be ecologically friendly.

One of those products is Ecover Sunny Day Laundry Detergent. You use it just like any other detergent, except that Ecover makes a huge effort to ensure that their products are very eco-friendly.

Ecover products are manufactured in two state-of-the-art Eco Factories complete with sedum roofs and skylights to virtually eliminate the need for heating and cooling systems and artificial lighting. That's amazing!

Their bottles are made of 100% plant plastic - made from sugarcane. They are both 100% recyclable and 100% renewable.

Those are all fantastic things that make me really like the company, but what about the actual detergent? It's plant and mineral based with no artificial fragrances, perfumes, or phosphates.

Plus it's HE and septic tank friendly.

It smells fine and does a great job cleaning clothes. Wahoo! We had the chance to review a bottle of Ecover and I was really impressed with it. The only trouble we had was that the cap of my detergent broke during shipping and pouring and measuring was a bit of a challenge.

Still, I am an eco-friendly girl and I will not waste the detergent or the shipping that was required to send it out to my home. I "made" a cap out of an empty detergent bottle and I am working though the measuring situation.

When you pick up your own bottle of Ecover, this will most likely not be a problem. I checked online and Ecover is only offered in a few stores near me, but it may be in your stores (and of course Whole Foods) and  you can get it on Amazon (my personal favorite.)

Maybe your New Year's resolution was to get a little greener? Well, this is an easy (soooo easy) place to start. The green cleaners really are just as good as the old chemical ones, but do not change your habits or processes at all. They are a simple swap and one that has the chance to make a big impact on your family's health and, of course, the rest of us too.

*I received a complimentary bottle of Ecover Sunny Day detergent for review purposes. No compensation was received and all opinions expressed are my own. This article may contain affiliate links/ads.


Ecover said...

Thanks, Angela, for giving Ecover's ecological Laundry Wash a try! Despite the broken cap (sorry!) it seems you were able to use the right amount and that the end result was a whole bunch of nice, clean clothes and a "greener" household. Way to go! Thanks again for taking the time to try and to review our product.
-Deb for Ecover

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