Chicken Envy

A few years ago, I wrote about my sister's garden. It was amazing. I was jealous. And in a creepy turn of events, someone grabbed that article and posted it on a website dedicated to making fun of people that are jealous.

Well, it's time for the creeps to revel in my jealousy once again. This time - it's chicken jealousy. For the record, I would like to have bees, laying chickens, a huge garden, and a berry orchard. If my zone magically changes, I'd also love to grow peaches.

Having said that, I live in the suburbs and all of those things will have to wait. But my sister lives on a ton of acres and has chickens, taps her maple trees, plants monster awesome gardens, and will probably be getting pigs and bees.

I have no dreams of owning pigs but I'm excited to see hers. And to remember to bring my peels and extra veggies for them to enjoy.

This week I had the chance to see her chickens and I left with all sorts of chicken-y feelings. She lets her laying hens roam the yard all day. Yay! They scratch and pick and eat bugs. They chase and get chased by the children and they go to sleep all cozy at night in the top of her chicken coop.

I saw their nest boxes all waiting for eggs. It was super cool. When I got home, I started reading through a Capper's magazine she sent home with me, but all I could think about was chickens so I went out to my garden to pick some swiss chard for dinner. I saw the lettuce I meant to pick for the chickens. Grrr. As I was picking the chard, I noticed a few leaves that were massively destroyed by caterpillars and I whipped them outside of the garden.

I imagined chickens running up and fighting over the scraps. Then I imagined them running out into the road and into my neighbors yards. Drat. I love that she can have them free-range and they stay in her yard, whether she's outside or not.

I even like that they take a lot of work. What? A girl can't like productive exercise? I'm jealous that she has chickens, but I'm glad her kids get to grow up with them. I can imagine how excited they will be when they find their first eggs.

She has almost everything she could need to independently feed her family and that's so cool. Next stop: pigs. Then - bees?

When that day comes, I'll post another article about my bee jealousy so the internet freaks can go wild. Woo!


Anonymous said...

I've got chickens, you've got willpower that I strive to emulate.

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