5 Steps to improve your health today!

Summer is the perfect time to focus on your health! It's almost the perfect time to start anything. The sun is shining, the weather is beautiful, and you should be in a better mood.

Here are 5 steps you can take today to improve your health.

1. Stop Smoking. If you've never smoked, don't start. If you do smoke, then now is the time to quit. Any little bit helps, even if that means just one less cigarette per day. You don't have to do it all at once, but get started on quitting today.

2. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Pick which ever ones you like and eat them as unprocessed as possible. Maybe you love raw cucumbers or carrots? Or baked carrots or sweet potatoes. Great! Add them to your diet and add as many leafy greens as you want. They are key to good health.

3. Move. Choose activities that you love - dancing, hiking, walking, riding bike - and do more of them! But also do the things you don't like - clean your own house, mow your yard, take out the trash, mop the floor, etc. All of those things add up to a lot of activity. Activity gets the blood pumping efficiently to all of your organs, including your brain and causes your body to use fuel efficiently - not just store it as fat!

4. Laugh. Find activities you enjoy that make you happy and aren't "so serious." Watch a funny show, read a great book, spend time with friends.

5. Get some sun. The sun gives life to everything and gives us Vitamin D. Plus if you're outdoors, you are most likely being active or interacting with people you care about - all good things!

Now is the time to get started. Best of luck on your healthy adventures!


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