Sprouting Your Own Seeds

It was inevitable that I would eventually begin sprouting. Not baking sprouted wheat products (yet...) but actually growing sprouts.

I really love sprouts in sandwiches, egg rolls, and Asian dishes. But I'm not a fan of the price or quality of sprouts at the store. It's kind of like buying "fresh" herbs at the market versus picking them out of your own window or garden. There is no comparison for freshness or convenience.

So I ordered a huge pack of sprouting seeds on Amazon. For $15 (with free shipping -woo!) I got what turns out to be enough seeds for my lifetime. No joke! You'll see in a minute how many sprouts just one tablespoon of seeds created in less than 3 days (and they are still growing!)

All you need are the seeds, water, and a mason jar. You can get fancy with the lid (and you might want to) but that's really all you need to create tasty, nutrient rich sprouts, without preservatives, chemicals, dirt, or anything else. The seeds come with easy to follow directions.

These are my alfalfa sprouts (1 Tablespoon of seeds) on day 3.

 Here they are on a tasty tuna and spinach sandwich.

I'm going to polish these sprouts off, then I'll start growing broccoli sprouts. Then radish sprouts. Then Mung bean sprouts. Then fennel sprouts and..... You get the idea. I have 12 varieties of seeds and a lot of each one!

These seeds are great for fresh eating, but also as an emergency food supply. They take very little room, last forever, and provide protein, vitamins, and minerals without requiring refrigeration or any fancy prep work.

Wondering why you can't just use seed packets from the hardware store? Have you ever planted pink corn seeds? Many seeds at the store have been treated with pesticides, herbicides, and/or fertilizers to keep them fresh and free of bugs/vermin while they are at the store and to discourage birds and others creepy crawlies from snagging them once they hit the dirt. When you eat a sprout, you eat the seed. You want it to be as clean as possible. Happy sprouting!


Robby said...

I hated buying my sprouts from the store too. Once I started getting my sprouting seeds online and growing my own, they were so much better. They're cheaper, and so fresh!

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