Pack BloodSTOP in your to-go bags

It's summer, and every mom knows what that means - cuts, scrapes, bruises, breaks. I recently had the opportunity to review a great new product (newly available at area drug stores) that stops bleeding in 60 seconds.

BloodSTOP is FDA approved and until recently, was reserved for hospitals and Operation rooms. I had never heard of it before, but it sounded like a great idea for cuts and scrapes.

I have ran to the hospital more than once to have doctors sew up gaping wounds on my children's faces, legs, arms.... I even cut my own thumb down to the bone. At that time, I tried to super glue my skin closed (something I once saw a physician do to a scalp that had been torn open) but there was too much blood. BloodSTOP would have been an excellent alternative and would have made getting to the hospital a whole lot easier, and way less messy.

In fact, I may not have even needed to go. It's that good! 

So I patiently waited for an opportunity to give BloodSTOP a try. After only a few days, my daughter came running into the house with a bloody ear. I quickly checked it out, cut a piece of BloodSTOP to the right size, and stuck it on the wound.

The product feels and looks just like gauze, but somehow it sticks to the wound and stops the bleeding. According to the packaging, as soon as it comes in contact with blood, it transforms into a gel that promotes clotting and controls the bleeding.

Then it washes off with water when you're ready to remove it - no sticky bandages or tapes. 

My daughter's wound was small, but the bleeding did stop pretty much immediately and after she took a shower that night, the fabric was no where to be seen. The wound healed and she forgot all about it.

I really, really liked this product. In fact, I took the bandages out of my purse and hiking bag and replaced them with BloodSTOP. Now, if someone falls while we're out biking, gets nicked by a branch, or gets cut in any other way, I'll use BloodSTOP to stop the bleeding.

I'll even use it if we are in a "needs stitches" situation. I love having this type of product on hand. It's something that belongs in every emergency kit.

*I received a sample box of BloodSTOP for review purposes. No compensation was received and all opinions expressed are my own. This article may contain affiliate links/ads.


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