Hello Oregano!

There are two truths to gardening. One - you will never have enough space. Two - anything can happen. Since I always feel like I need more places to garden, I added an indoor herb garden. Well; herbs, aloe, and some miscellaneous house plants.

I planted the herb garden with basil, oregano, thyme, parsley, and catnip. It's an odd sampling, but they are all plants I use on a regular basis and they're beautiful in their own way.

Every week or so, I use up all the basil. And I routinely have to remove the catnip. Kitty is happy about this. My thyme, parsley, and oregano is us much more sporadic. In fact I haven't used the oregano at all. So I decided to make a something where oregano could shine.

Before I could use it, I noticed the plants were forming flowers. Hmmm.... The flowers were looking mighty familiar and not at all like oregano.

They opened a day or two later, and they were not oregano at all! They were petunias! (See above photo!) I'm letting them grow because they're pretty, but I'm disappointed that the seeds labeled "oregano" were, in fact, not oregano.

And you can tell by the big bald spot in back, that I pulled out the catnip. It was taking over the whole show. I planted more basil.

Then I planted more basil and cilantro in the porch and went out to check on my "real garden" as well as my forest gardens. It's never enough.

Lucky for me, my neighbors are getting more into gardening. I'm helping a few neighbors start their first gardens this year. So - "my gardens" are spreading - at least in my work and influence.

But I'll take it. Hey, I'm the kind of girl that runs around and randomly prunes my neighbor's shrubs and perennials. I can't help it. I just like to grow things. Now if I could only grow money....


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