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Every time I fold laundry, I pull out clothes that are too stained to wear, and they become cleaning cloths. As much as I like having "green" cleaning rags, I really hate throwing out clothes.

My kids are stain magnets, and even when I try to catch them before they end up in the laundry, sometimes it just isn't enough. That's why I'm excited to try Shout® Trigger.

My kids usually end up with food and dirt stains. They spend a lot of time outdoors, and they get muddy! And no matter what we eat, it ends up on their shirts and pants. As for me - I get a lot of bloody noses (stress, yay!) and end up needing to remove blood stains. So we need stain fighters that can tackle the whole gammit of stains.

Shout® Trigger is a Triple Acting formula that is packed with stain-fighting ingredients and enzymes. In my opinion, enzymes make all the difference in removing tough stains.

Shout® Trigger comes in a convenient trigger (I personally hate the roll on stain sticks!), clings and penetrates to lift away stains, and is safe to use on colorfast washable clothing. Plus it works in all water temperatures.shout

This would have been so nice to have back in the diaper days. You know how horrible those stains are to remove! 

I'm going to look for Shout® Trigger next time I'm at Walmart. I'm looking forward to stain-free clothing and much fewer cleaning cloths. And imagine the savings from not having to buy new clothes every few weeks!! 

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Danielle said...

If the stain remover does not work, try dying the article of clothing first. You need a darker color dye, but typically, it will cover most stains. We save up our stained clothing until we have several articles to dye and then do it all in one batch. Tye-dying is also a fun way to cover those stains.

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